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-Fobby Naghmi

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In this book, Fobby Naghmi takes us from his early childhood days being raised as part of a large, 
loving first—generation immigrant family in the suburbs of Washington, DC, to his early successful 
years in the mortgage field, through some turbulent years that proved to be catastrophic for the 
young entrepreneur.

His downfall led him to seek clarity on why some of his past actions caused him to succeed, while 
others caused him to behave in ways that were destructive. As a result, he become re-focused
and ever grateful to be given a second chance, wanting to share what he had learned.

His lessons hold truths invaluable to those who seek to navigate the pathways of a career or want 
to lead a happier and more content life.

His writing is poignant and funny; thought—provoking and thoughtful as he shares the many lessons he's learned along the road to happiness.

Fobby lives in the DC Metro area with his wife of 28years,their two children, and his social 
media darling dog, Sammy.

“Falling Forward is truly remarkable in that it will have you assessing your own life’s lessons, 
leave you provoked and thinking about whether or not your life is stretching... trudging through 
difficulty with on all-knowing realization that these intersections that challenge us will reshape 
us into stronger  and more vibrant humans."

Christine Beckwith

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